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 Impossible quiz game

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PostSubject: Impossible quiz game   Thu 22 Jul 2010, 11:51 am

this is driving me nuts.

let me try to help

1. four
2. no but a tin can
3. k.o (question is written backwards
4. the answer (in the question)
5. just go around
6. shallots
7. elephant
8. just move your mouse around the blank area around the Se in search to find a yes
9. top right
10 choose food, chews food, click the teeth
11 n
12 the dot in the i in click in the question.
13 ftaang
14 torch
15 spell out horse
16 h ? I still dont get this one
17. the answer is 17, click the 17 number of the question.
18 the hammer?
19 his name boggy blue orange green green yellow

get the rest wrong and keep starting over and over.

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Impossible quiz game
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